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Texas Dalls: Brought to you by Lone Star Dahl Sheep Farm

Rearing, Breeding, & Selling Texas Dalls

At Lone Star Dahl Sheep Farm, we are proud to offer our rare and remarkable Texas Dall sheep for sale at affordable prices. Whether you are interested in breeding a high-quality herd that has great genetics or producing pet-quality sheep as a hobby, we can supply the perfect specimens to meet your need. Our animals are also great for stocking a sporting ranch with exotic wildlife and having a unique, attractive organic lawn mower.

A Stunning Breed of Sheep

Our Texas Dall sheep—also called Texas Dahl—are beautiful examples of the breed. These are strong, healthy animals that display all of the characteristics that make this specific variety so desirable.

The rams we select to breed must show strong horn growth, a smooth white coat, and horns and hooves as color free as possible. Our available Texas Dall rams can range in age, from weanlings to 4 years old.

For those of you who have questions that are not addressed on this website or simply want to discuss the merits of the Texas Dall breed or what goes into sheep rearing, give us a call. We always enjoy talking with folks that share our interests, and our inventory of animals is always fluctuating.

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